Conservative Republican Leader

Bob Reeves has been a leader in the Republican Party in East Texas for almost 25 years. During this time East Texas has gone from yellow dog Democract to Republican on the Federal and State levels. Much work is yet to be done to turn all county Republican elected officials to the Republican Party.

Vice President Dick Cheney along with Bob Reeves and son Adam.

Bob Reeves with Gov. George W. Bush.

Bob and Sheilah Reeves with Vice President Dan Quale and Clayton Williams.

Bob Reeves has served in the Republican Party as a County Chairman and Delegate to the State Convention. During Bob Reeves's leadership as Shelby County Republican Party Chairman, the party grew from one polling place to thirteen current polling places today. During Bob Reeves's Chairmanship, Shelby County became a regular stop for Republican elected officials in deep East Texas.

Bob Reeves has worked in all areas of Republican grass roots voter turnout for candidates. These activities include phone banks, neighborhood walks, get out the vote campaigns and party building in off-election years.

During the "Clayton Williams for Governor" Campaign, Bob Reeves was chosen as a Regional Chairman in charge of organizing 30 counties in East Texas. Bob Reeves duties included organizing all County Chairpersons, organizing campaign events and creating follow-up reports. At the end of this campaign, East Texas and those counties organized by Bob Reeves met or exceded all voter goals as laid out by the "Clayton Williams for Governor" Campaign.

Bob Reeves was selected and served as a State Co-Chairman in George W. Bush's first campaign for Governor of Texas.

Bob Reeves was selected to serve as a member of Gov. George W. Bush’s Inaguarial Committee.

Bob Reeves volunteered with a group of Texans and traveled to Iowa during Gov. Bush campaign for President. As a member of this grass roots team, Reeves worked phone banks, neighborhood walks and other activities in support of then Governor Bush.

Bob Reeves has continued to work to support Republican elected officials.

2006 Friends of Bob Reeves