Reeves family meets with President George W Bush.

Vice President Dick Cheney along with Bob Reeves and son Adam.

Bob Reeves introducing Governor George W. Bush.

Bob Reeves with Governor George W. Bush.

Bob Reeves and Skipper Dipple in Beijing, China on Economic Development trip.

Bob Reeves and Chinese hosts - Beijing, China.

Bob and Sheilah Reeves with Vice President Dan Quale and Clayton Williams.

Bob and Sheilah Reeves with President Bush and Barbara Bush.

Adam Reeves with Governor Rick Perry.

Bob Reeves and son Adam on Reeve's 600-acre farm. Bob Reeve will be a strong advocate of East Texas water and property rights.

Bob Reeves inspecting stainless steel ASME evaporator. Evaporator is part of 100 ton/24-hour ice plant being manufactured for client in Mexico.

Bob Reeves and his wife Sheilah, daughters Chelsea 17, Abby 15 and son Adam 8 live on and operate 600-acre pine tree farm and cow calf operation.

The cattle and timber industries are important components of the economy of East Texas. Bob Reeves has been involved in the cattle and timber industries for over 25 years.

Bob Reeves and son Adam on Reeve's 600-acre pine tree farm.

Bob Reeves, wife Sheilah , Adam 8, Chelsea 17 and Abby 15.

Bob with J. E. "Yazoo" Thomas, roy Blackshear, and Will Blackshear. Bob Reeves has been a long time member and supporter of Ducks Unlimited.

Bob Reeves has served on the Center Independent School District Board of Trustees and currently serves as Vice President.

Bob inspecting an automatic ice bagging machine manufactured by C & R Refrigration.
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