Bob Reeves has been a member of the Center Independent School District Board of Trustees since 1989 and currently serves as Vice President.

Bob Reeves has been a leader on the CISD Board of Trustees for 16 years. The information below was provided by former CISD Board Superintendent Al Chance as a testimony of Bob's service and leadership to CISD.

Bob Reeves has served on the Center ISD Board of Trustees and currently serves as Vice President.

Bob Reeves has proven that he can conceive ingenious ways to help people and carry his ideas to fruition. The concept of using a mélange of business, volunteer, school, and governmental organizations to develop about eighty-five acres of land in Center, Texas to benefit the community, especially young people, came from the mind of Bob Reeves. Many people in Shelby County helped with the project, but Bob was the first to see the vision.

Bob, a Center ISD Board officer and businessman, contacted officials of Pilgrim's Pride and asked for a donation of thirty-nine acres of land. The property, which the company agreed to donate, was adjacent to land the school district already owned and became the crucible for bringing many organizations and people together for its development. A full description of the saga of the development of a new high school, and a large city park with playing fields, hiking trails, a pavilion, and ponds would be voluminous, but a short version will give some idea of the process.

The school district deeded about fifty acres for a city park to the City of Center which then obtained a $500,000 matching state grant for park development. In turn, the city gave exclusive use of two features of the park, lighted softball and baseball fields to the school district. The school district gave use of a concession building and restrooms to the city for the park.

The citizens of the Center ISD approved construction of a new $14,000,000 high school located adjacent to the city park with the state paying 73% of the construction costs with Tier II funds.

As the new high school was nearing completion, an AD HOC committee, first composed of about half a dozen community leaders, including Bob Reeves, formed to consider building a vocational-technical school for economic development. The city, county, most county school districts, businesses, and industries contributed funds to obtain a matching grant from the state. The State of Texas contributed significantly in building and equipping the campus which was then leased to Panola College to administer its operation. The state also built a one million dollar road to the regional technical school which also serves the new high school campus.

One of the problems seemingly inherent with governmental taxing jurisdictions is that each unit ordinarily acts alone with little or no coordination in the development of public projects. In this instance, thanks largely to the efforts of Bob Reeves, there was no segmental approach to the several projects that Center and Shelby County needed. Several state agencies, Center ISD, City of Center, Shelby County, Panola College and several businesses such as Pilgrim's Pride and Tyson, and numerous volunteers worked together in harmony to improve the community and provide much needed educational opportunites for young people of the area.

Surprisingly, there was not a significant amount of local tax money used on the combined projects, considering the benefits. Through resourceful planning and Bob Reeves and F. E. Parker's contacts at the local, regional, and state level, this Shelby County communitysaw Bob's vision come true.

Al Chance
School Superintendent (Retired)

As a member of the Center Independent School District Board of Trustees, Bob Reeves has worked to create a modern, efficient and financially stable school system.

The Center ISD currently has 2 exemplary campuses. The Center ISD is on sound financial footing while provinding the district with the resources to meet their goals.

Center ISD is a property poor school district and approximately 73% of Center students are on Federal free lunch program.

Center ISD has an excellent staff of administrators, teachers and professional personnel. The success of a school system involves the school personnel, students, parents and the community as a whole.

Bob Reeves has worked with the local board to create a system of monitoring student results to ensure education dollars are properly spent.

More money alone cannot be the answer. The education system in East Texas must reflect the student population and the needs of each district. Available technology in use in Center ISD provides administrators and teachers with the tools they require to monitor results and tailor teaching methods to the needs of the students.

Parental involvement and personal responsibility must be the goal of each district. Center ISD created and maintains a special professional position that is charged with increasing parental involvement, community volunteers that work on campus and ensuring that the community is aware of programs and successes at Center ISD.

Quality teachers and administrators are dedicated to our children. It is our job to provide the resources they need within the dollars available.

2006 Friends of Bob Reeves