Bob Reeves inspecting stainless steel ASME evaporator. Evaporator is part of 100 ton/24-hour ice plant being manufactured for client in Mexico.

Bob Reeves and family live on and operate 600-acre pine tree farm and cow calf operation.

Bob Reeves and son Adam on Reeve's 600-acre pine tree farm.

Economic development is one of the key issues facing East Texas . Bob Reeves will work to ensure that East Texas has the necessary tools to promote and sustain economic growth.

In the past 24 years Bob Reeves has been:

A leader in the economic growth and development of Shelby County and East Texas.

A Successful Businessman creating Jobs in East Texas

Appointed by Governor George W. Bush to serve as Chairman of the Texas International Trade Commission. The International Trade Commission was charged with developing a successful International trade policy and oversight of the Texas Mexico City office.

Appointed by Governor George W. Bush to serve on the Texas Department of Commerce Advisory Council. Department of Commerce duties included developing economic policy and growth in Texas including business retention and attracting businesses to Texas. Duties also included developing an advertising campaign for Texas Tourism industry.

Appointed by Governor Rick Perry to serve on the Texas Science and Biotechnology Committee. The one year appointment and goal of the committee was to develop a strategy to develop the biotech industry in Texas and retain biotech patents in Texas. The goal was to create jobs in the State. This blue ribbon panel included a past Nobel Prize winner, a retired astronaut, a former legislator, academic leaders and businessmen such as Bob Reeves.

Appointed by Governor Rick Perry to serve on the Sabine Compact Commission. Texas members work with Louisiana counterparts to ensure each state receives itís fair share of the water from the Sabine River. East Texas water resources represents East Texas second oil and will be a major contributor to the economic growth in East Texas in the future.

Past Chairman of the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee. Bob Reeves worked to develop a business retention plan and to assist local businesses in their growth.

Job Training in Shelby County. Bob Reeves leadership developed a plan to design and build the new Shelby Regional Vocational Center in partnership with Panola Jr. College. The $2.5million dollar facility was built with local donations, federal and state funds. The facility is currently in operation with classes and certifications in welding, hydraulics, refrigeration and electrical programs.

This facility is unique in design and location. The facility was built next to the new Center High School. The facility allows high schools seniors throughout Shelby County to attend programs while enrolled in high school . Adults, displaced workers and those requiring job training are eligible to attend as well. Bob Reeves worked with Panola Jr. College to secure a job training grant in the amount of over $1,000,000.00 dollars. These dollars were used with local business partners to train existing job force.

As a member of the Bonehill Foundation Board of Directors over $1,000,000.00 has been awarded to Shelby County graduates to attend vocation college, community college or four-year universities.

Bob Reeves has traveled to many parts of the world on economic development missions. Including China, Hong Kong, Mexico and Latin America. He realizes the importance of international trade and the markets available to Texas companies. For Texas companies to be successful the State of Texas must create and maintain the proper environment for growth.

Bob Reeves understands that successful economic development is a product of all parties working closely together. Education of our children is one of the most important keys to this success. Bob Reeves believes that through creation of successful programs in East Texas that he can be effective.

2006 Friends of Bob Reeves